Rockhounding / Mineral & Gem Hunting

Rock hunters love New Mexico, and Sierra County is one of the great reasons why. Ancient sea beds erode and reveal fossilized marine life; in some spots, one literally trips over the remains.

Green fluorite is common locally, as are many varieties of quartz. Banded agate, a mineral named for its unusual, undulating stripes, is somewhat unique to this area.

According to the Sierra County Rock and Gem Society (SCRAGS), “most rock hunters come to Sierra County to collect carnelian, amethyst, and sulfides.”

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SCRAGS meets on the first Monday of every month at 6pm at the Geronimo Springs Museum. Meetings are open to the public and include information on coordinated field trips to rock sites around the county followed by show and tell. 

SCRAGS dues are $15 per year for singles, or $20/year for couples or families.

For more information on rock hounding in Sierra County, visit or join the group and get out in the field.