gina soaking at sierra grande lodge

Summer Soaking in Truth or Consequences

Fun Facts & FYIs

Too hot to soak you say?

Perish the thought! T or C locals know that it’s never “too hot to soak!”

We admit that when the thermometer reaches 90+ one might think twice about immersing oneself into a hot springs bath where the water is over 100 degrees, but there are ways to keep from overheating.

First, consider soaking in one of T or C’s many outdoor hot springs baths. There are several options for soaking under our bright blue skies or the starry heavens.  Even on the hottest days, when you get out of the water and sit outside, the breeze coming off of the Rio Grande is very cooling.  You don’t even need to be right on the Rio to enjoy that cooling breeze after simmering your cares away in the hot mineral waters.

turquoise bath under a blue sky blackstone hotsprings

Take Care

While soaking, remember to stay hydrated! And we’re talking about water here, not your favorite adult beverage (remember, alcohol dehydrates).  Get in & out of the bath frequently (every 10 – 15 minutes) to take advantage of the cooling breeze.  

Our recommendation: visit Truth or Consequences during all four seasons, trying each of our 10 hot mineral bath establishments. You may just find that you will find a favorite for each season!