Friends and Neighbors: Art Show by Eric Luther

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Eric Luther is a painter, landscape designer, and natural builder who lives in Hillsboro, New Mexico. Eric fostered his natural drive to create art as a teenager and spent his young adult years getting a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Eric eventually found his way to New Mexico, where he built a cob home and spent years growing food and creating a sustainable, off grid life for his two children. He continued to create art at the same time and occasionally had gallery shows in Sierra County.

Eric’s paintings reflect his years as a combination of builder and artist, with materials like drywall, repurposed lumber, and found charcoal alongside more traditional media. His choice of construction materials in a fine art context reflects his own experience building and creating for work after his fine arts education. Most of Eric’s paintings are portraits and echo his experience of interacting with others and their own emotional worlds. His work is also an expression of his own curiosity about the human condition and includes themes like love, relationships, age, mortality, sexuality and gender, and deeper places in the human psyche.

Eric’s current show, Friends and Neighbors, is a collection of portraits that represent the multifaceted relationships that he has had with the people around him, whether those relationships were chosen or just happened. This show is part of his ongoing Drywall Series and continues to play on themes of building, deconstruction and restoration, and the depth of human experiences that we all have and may recognize in our own friends and neighbors.

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Mar 09,
6:00 pm
9:00 pm
The Center Fine Art Gallery
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