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apparelhandmadelocally growntextiles

Woollywhotnots creations feature natural, eco-friendly, custom-made clothing, including shawls, sweaters, skirts, ponchos, hats, leggings, gloves, and other items.

All products are handmade by the shop’s owner, Lalynn, using 100% natural animal fiber, and the alpaca yarn used to knit Woollywhotknots creations is not dyed, as dyes tend to dull the feel of the natural fiber, stripping it of softness and warmth.

The dyed wool is only dyed with locally harvested nuts, fruits, or plants. A whole lot of love and care goes into every step of the process in creating these cozy, expertly crafted items.

Where/How to Buy:

Learn more and shop online at and on Etsy, or in person at the Sierra County Farmers Market and Monticello Holiday Store (2 weekends in December).