South 40 Farms

Based in Monticello
jams from South 40 Farms, Monticello New Mexico.

This family-owned farm in produces a variety of locally grown produce including apples, apricots, pears, peaches, pomegranates, squash, greens, and root veggies. They also sell fresh bread and other baked goods, jams and jellies made with fruit grown on the farm, and fresh and dried herbs.  Pomegranate juice and apple cider are available in season.

Where/How to Buy:

Available at events including Monticello Holiday Store, Truth or Consequences Rock & Gem Show, and at the Sierra County Farmers Market, weekly from June through October, bi-monthly in off-season.

south 40 farms organically grown potatoes
Selling potatoes from South 40 Farms at the Sierra County Farmers Market