Artisanal Goods

artisan (är-tə-zən)
(1) a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand
(2) a person or company that produces something (such as cheese or wine) in limited quantities often using traditional and/or non-mechanized methods

We are fortunate to have many talented artisans, brewers, and winemakers here. Each is devoted to making their products in traditional and or hand-crafted ways, using methods that are typically intricate, highly skilled, and time-consuming. Featured below are items that can be purchased year-round, either online or at a local business or event.

ashe and hammer hand forged knife

Ashe & Hammer

handmadelocally madeswords & knives
buffalo belles millinery dewcatcher hat with suede and turquose snake

Buffalo Belles Millinery

apparelhandmadelocally made
fiber arts by jeannie ortiz

Fiber Arts by Jeannie Ortiz

handmadelocally madetextiles
Truth or Consequences
custom dyed silk wraps by sandy hopper of grasshopper silks elephant butte nm

Grasshopper Silk

handmadelocally madetextiles
Elephant Butte
studio of jessica wertz

Jessica Wertz Studio

raggedy edge ranch all natural balms and salves

Raggedy Edge Ranch

bath & bodyhandmadelocally grownlocally madeorganic
shattuck grapes in the vineyard

Shattuck Vineyard

bottled winelocally made
simple botanicals salves balms tinctures

Simple Botanicals

balms & salveshandmadelocally growntinctures
Truth or Consequences
spectrum pottery truth or consequences 1

Spectrum Pottery

arthandmadelocally madepottery & ceramics
Truth or Consequences
old monticello traditional balsamic vinegar

Traditional Aceto Balsamico of Monticello

balsamic vinegarlocally madeorganic
view from the bar at t or c brewing co

Truth or Consequences Brewing Co.

growlerslocally made
Truth or Consequences
woollywhotnots all organic hand knitted gaarments


apparelhandmadelocally growntextiles

Local Growers and Farmers

gants family orchard in fair weather

Gants Family Orchard

bakerylocally grownorchard
lemon cucumbers from jardin del alma monticello nm

Jardin del Alma

farmlocally grownorganic
old monticello organic farms lavender field

Old Monticello Farms

farmlocally grownlocally madeorganic
jams from South 40 Farms, Monticello New Mexico.

South 40 Farms

farmlocally grownlocally made
valhalla orchards ready to pick peaches on the tree

Valhalla Orchards